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Why banned?

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  • Why banned?

    kindly tell me the reason as to why i got banned? and my alt account as well.

    Server : S204 Floating City

    IGN: pukikomekuto

    IGN: pew pew1 (alt account for guild leveling)

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    if u had alt acc on same server its against the rules


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      You just answered to your own question.
      But for more info's, please submit a ticket and ask => Click here

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        maybe because of your ign in every game ign must not be malicious and must be appropriate


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          if i remember correctly..there's this 1 time i bought the diamond using my (ALT account) then i asked if i can transfer it to my main. they agreed to do so but it's to late cause i already used the diamonds for rose event.

          why didn't tell me it's against the rules before? and why just banned and not give a warning first like : "we would like to ask you to delete all your ALTERNATE accounts cause we just made a new rule. and we don't give a damn if your server had 10-20 active players only and using that reason to justify your alt accounts to use them for leveling your damn guild."

          no? just like that?


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            i already asked for change name 1 month after i started.


            • #7
              from what ive seen they dont specifically go after any one person, meaning someone reported you likely because your stronger than them or you made them angry. good luck getting back on.


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                OMG u recharged ur alt.. they agreed to transfer dias knowing that is your alt and they didnt ban u then ? .. please reply i understand this well


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                  I really would love an answer to the question that a lot of players are asking. Is it illegal to have two accounts on one server? Since I reread the ToS today because of another thread and really, I cannot read anything about it being illegal. In other words, as far as I know, it should be fine to have more than one account on the same server (even though that might sound counter-intuïtive). Can a moderator answer that question?


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                    Yes and NO .. if this guy is telling the truth than everything is at DEV/GM's own consideration.. so basicly the rule wich saying its ilegal it might be legal and not .. so lets wait a reply .. amazing things seem to happen 2day .. lets roll a sandwich and wait


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                      Haha I am just a bit confused, so I think other people will be too. It does not matter to me whether it is illegal or not, but it would be nice to have cleared up.


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                        check accident recharge thread .. nearly same issue .. iam now wiewing these both


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                          If I had to guess (without reading ToS because Im too lazy) its not illegal to have multiple account on 1 server, but using multiple accounts to benefit yourself most likely is.

                          Examples would be things like bringing multiple alts in guild to help level it for quicker level gains and better rewards, leveling up server wide event systems like current world tree, flying wyrm specifically to use attacks on it. Things of this nature is probably what they say as against ToS.

                          Again, only a guess because im lazy bwa ha ha


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                            Originally posted by Gurothos View Post
                            You just answered to your own question.
                            But for more info's, please submit a ticket and ask => Click here
                            Please follow Mod Gurothos' post. As all other replies are all just speculations and discussion of why he got banned(which is not allowed to be discussed on the forums). I am therefore locking this thread.

                            Happy Chinese New Year!