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New Event Lucky Tree

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  • New Event Lucky Tree

    I am very little-casher-player... I have a question...

    I write purely theoretical... I spend once 2500 diamonds or 5000 diamonds and buy 15 or 30 Shell Point Card in Hot Event "600 Devotion Bargain", I get 150 or 300 point points... in this way I get ~1500 or ~3000 ponts in event Beach Treasure... but I have no chance to get earn 8000 points and therefore did not I have a chance to win advances prizes... I do not even have a chance to win 2x lvl 8 dodge gem...

    Now, new event Lucky Tree, cashers spend 2500-5000 diamonds and to this rewards hundreds "lucky coin", hundreds additional diamonds... and... AND few/several lvl 7 and 8 superior gem chest...

    I ask, whether looking at these two events, whether they are fair ? I have to play a week/two to make one (1) gem lvl 8... in the event it is spend to diamonds and gain few/several lvl7-8 superior gem...

    nice, gratz R2Game...this event sucks...

    Example... I do not know how much a player from the server on which the play spend diamonds, however strived and succesfully synthed 4x lvl 9 dodge gem... nice event...
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    well this game is p2w and thats pretty obvious


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      every event will theoretically give greater rewards and seems costs are going up to match it. No matter what you do you will pay for an event and then the next event will likely give greater rewards, then guess what? The next event will give better rewards, then 3 events down the line guess what? The items you PAID for will be given for free lol. This is why I stopped cashing.


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        to get a win at beach u need 120 beach vouchers .. course wont guarantee 1st rank but u get some nice things from HE aswell .. so my guess try to save vouchers on the events that have some and spend on those that dont have ..