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Wolf evolve

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  • Wolf evolve

    I was wondering if evolve wolf is going to be up ever again ... Because it was only 2 time , when it was for free in Hot Events and again before New Year for a lot of diamonds ... I was thinking maybe we'll see him again in HoC or something like this .

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    wolf evolve was just offered in hot event for like almost a full week. I dont even think it was a casher only item to acquire this time either like most of the items in it...oh wait...maybe that was lycorax, but it said wolf i think...dunno now lol


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      Not everyone managed to getit then due lack of time or not playing this game at that time .. course from now'on all new player will hear rumors and tales about how we old players got such things for free ..imagine i was not able to synth glacial wolf the time it was running cause i was newbie and didnt know about dungeon clasic blitz and was hateing loops so many times i just ignored'em. If things got offered for free at a certain time they should be easy geteable at anny moment for lets say a 500 dias or less so thins way everyone can getit .. cashers for cashing and free's from collecting dias
      Note: this should also be an option for everything is/was given for several days from doing tasks .. sky archer clothing and so'on


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        Most items return after some time. After all, Godless Wolf returned (albeit for diamonds). Just give it time; if you really want it, you will get it some time.This is the way this game ha always been: the patient people will get what they want when they wait long enough, the rich people get it immedeately. Thsi game has always been time vs money. I think it will be a while before we see Godless Wolf again though, seeing as yearly review has just ended. Just wait patiently ^_^.


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          Yeah ... i was asking because by the time it was free in hot event i wasn't able to play , and when was for 3k diamonds that was too much for me , i'm still hopping for him