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Astral/Level Stuck?

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  • Astral/Level Stuck?

    I filled my L55 experience bar, and the Astral is bouncing for attention, but will not let me light it...and my new level of 56 only shows when I am actually in a Quest battle - I tried a couple, first because my EXP was right on the nose and I thought maybe it had to be past it, then again to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me about seeing the 56. I was granted access from (I forget her name) to enter the L56 Quest, but the location won't let me in. I did use the Helper to complete Loop Quests, could this be the problem?

    RemiIronstaf(f) [S234] Sunless Sea

    (EDIT - went out and back in and I think it's fixed, thanks)
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    refresh. it happens often. when you refresh, itll show correct level and star to be lit in astral
    League of Angels

    S94 Lonewind Forest
    Magus Rynd


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      yes, I reopened the tab and it was fine, and now I know what to do, thanks! First time I ran into it, lol. For some reason, I cannot refreah LoA unless my flash crashes, lol, R-click only opens Adobe Flash data and the keyboard does squat.
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