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AWAKENING skills descriptions DON'T match up, they are different!!!

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  • AWAKENING skills descriptions DON'T match up, they are different!!!

    when you click on Character, and click on Awakening, you are at the Character Awakening Skills page (what I call it)...
    click on Joint Skills tab and read the description for Abyssal Gaze

    "..Also, Deceives enemies in back row into targeting her for 2 turns."

    Then click on the Skill Book Shop button at the bottom of page. Go find Abyssal Gaze in Skill Book and it reads

    "..Deceives enemies in back row into self-targeting for 2 turns.."

    Same issue of NOT matching descriptions for Arcane Vortex, but this one is worse!! Really makes a huge difference!! In
    Character Skills page it reads like it's just targeting ONE enemy

    "Deals (60% ATK + 1350) with a 20% chance to Paralyze for 2 turns"

    But in Skill Book Shop it reads

    "Deals (60% Basic ATK + 1350) to enemies in the same row with a 20% chance to stun targest, lasts 2 turns."

    I noticed others also, but will have to write them down and come back and add them..

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    Can I have a screen-shot please?
    I just checked all skills and all of them have same description, atleast on my end.

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