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The Divine War

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  • The Divine War

    So according to the event details we can worship daily until Feb 11th. If i understand correctly we should get a gift each day we do this. To date (3 days Running) i have not gotten a thing accept for the items in the Hot Event which i got 1 time. Am i misunderstanding the event? Some one else said they got a code, but when entered said it was not thier account. I have not seen a thing in my email and yes i checked my spam folder before u go and ask.

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    Pay attention to whether the event is on GTA or R2. If you play on GTA, you dont get R2 events. If you play on R2, you dont get GTA events (which is what the code is you are talking about). The actual event, Divine War, hasnt even started yet.


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      The districiption states that it started on 1/23 and goes til 11 Feb.....So why would it be any different from GTA to R2......Is it not being offered in both areas?


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        Also as i recall....the was a link in the Hot Event Preview Divine war that took me to the area im in now. So im a bit confused as to why in im on R2 it would take me to GTA area


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          Divine War for R2 is different (only 1 player from each server may participate)