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Varda Bug, Giving Immune to opponent party instead of self party

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  • Varda Bug, Giving Immune to opponent party instead of self party

    I am just leveled up my varda to level 70 and testing it out on battle,
    I used Aquarius aegis, and then I notice that varda give aquarius effect to opponent party too
    And the effect works on opponent party, I cant deal damage on them,
    She give it several time on opponents party, I believe there is 4 times or more
    I wish this issue will be fixed soon, I need to use Varda in PVP and PVE, She is one of 3 angel that cant be dodge

    Here is the battle log:

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    Some more details please, because I just got mine to lvl 70 and plan to start using her soon. (your battle log doesnt load)

    Was this a PvE or PvP match?
    Did you use any other zodiac skills to see if they are cast to both sides?
    Did you opponent have an angel with shield as well that may have been caste but not noticed?


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      I had this same problem and they told me that it is the evasion down that is givin to them not the shield watch your fight closly the shield and evasion down effect is same little caption


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        Happy Chinese New Year!