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Inferno Bug/Disconnected Server.

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  • Inferno Bug/Disconnected Server.

    Hello, I would like to report a bug that just happened. I was in Inferno with StormCrow and Evildoer in S90 when all of a sudden on chat it says "Server Disconnected". I checked my internet was still at max bars so it was not my internet. As soon as it said "Server Reconnected" I could still not move and also talked to other party members in guild chat and they have gotten "Server Disconnected" as well. I went back hoping to at least finish the round or at least get prize and was not able to and my attempt was used up. Also found out in Guild chat that someone else in my guild was doing Inferno and same issue happened to them, Shivaa. I would really appreciate some compensation especially since I've been working for the Tycoon pts. I have spent money to get as far as I am and hate for my money to be wasted for nothing because of your server issues. Thank you very much. Sorry I did not complete a screenshot but you probably are hearing from other people about this issue as well

    S90 Deathshade Lair, IGN Miquela lvl 78

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    I'd also like to report that the Auto experience is no longer working. Thank you and keep up the good work making this a fun game


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      Thanks for the compensation. I understand now that was not a bug but due to server update. I would like to request having set time that we can be warned about these server updates that way no compensation needed and everyone is happy for not being kicked out of something when trying to do something. perhaps in game message or mail would be nice. I do realize you do have an in game message but it "always" says server will update in an hour and goes all day so it doesn't really have a time give out. Thank you and keep up the good work .