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Empyreal Dragon King

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  • Empyreal Dragon King

    Empyreal Dragon king buff probably not working. I was almost alone in in world boss so i had some test, 1 hit with emp Dragon k, and then 1 with smoldering steed on every boss, same skills same setup.

    With E D king my dmg was between 305m and 340m, with smoldering my dmg was between 390m-450m ...

    My courent mount upgrade is +20 so ED king gives 3*12% atk = 36%
    smoldering 5*3.5% atk = 17.5%

    My gess is Empyreal Dragon king buff is not working atm, can i ask that someone check that am i right?

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    Not to mention your spending more rounds with ED king at max % where as smoldy needs 5 rounds to get max damage bonus. It would be really hard to check with full team though, you'd have to check using basic skills with no heros that can affect your damage range. Id help but I have no ED king yet, still 50 shards shy.


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      My Amazon hunter
      With ED King : 1,6-1,8M Dmg
      With Smoldering : 2,0-2,2M Dmg
      Try 4-5x on the same monster with the same stats/equip/party.

      31 round battle,
      With ED king : 0-1 double damage
      With Smoldering : 3-5 double damage.

      is ED King give debuff to my party?