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Divine War bug

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  • Divine War bug

    Server : [S231] Withering Fen
    Character : Nightcrawler

    Type : Divine War bug

    Details : On help it says anyone with lvl 50+ and more then 300k br can join DW by running for Hero or voting, but when i try to run for hero it says my br (500k) it's too low.

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    Apparently you also have to be in top 15 in BR rating? I think?
    League of Angels
    S96 Alanna
    Beserker lvl 71
    Fortuna lvl 85
    Sterling Moonbeam
    Night Sentinel (Backup)/Beserker Claw/Neredia/Astral Hunter/Valkyrie
    850k BR+
    Guild: Legendary
    Blood and Jade
    S66 Shanrou lvl 66
    War Urso 7*
    45k BR+
    Guild: Eternal


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      You also have to be ranked in Top 15 BR ranking, Look at the rules on the Hero selection tab.

      Edit; yes Shanrou you're right
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        You can only vote if you aren't in top15 Battle Ranking on your server.
        You cannot join the Divine war, just vote for others during the Voting period.

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        You were everything, and could have been
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        It's a universe, that wants me to get off
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        A cold soul, I cannot love.


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          What stupid rule. Why couldn't they just make rank 15 in CoM at least. I may not have a top 15 BR but i'm rank 10 in CoM. So why is it that others weaker then me get to join and i can't just 'cause they have better total BR? If they want to select the best doesn't it make sense u choose top 15 CoM instead of total BR?