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The price of diamonds

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  • The price of diamonds

    I have a question.
    I play more than a year in the LOA, during this period was buying diamonds by the service Paysafecard. In a country in which I live have spent on this service about ~30-35$, but... previously bought for the money 2000 and 1000 diamonds (3k diamonds). Again today I wanted to buy diamonds and they turn out to be the equivalent of the same money buy only 2000 diamonds, on paysafecard is virtually nothing.
    We can say that the price of diamonds has risen by 50%. Why the price of diamonds has risen so much ?.

    If the price of diamonds is so high that players no longer buy them, simply because now it is not profitable.
    My suggestion is that, that if according to my country I live in the price of diamonds has risen by 50%, It should also reduce the requirements for Advanced Rewards in all events at least 25%, and reduce prices for diamonds by 50%.

    Androm3da, ua39
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