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Paysafecard and vat (european taxe)

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  • Paysafecard and vat (european taxe)

    I play more than a year in the LOA, during this period was buying diamonds by the service Paysafecard.

    Yesterday i wanted to buy 499 diamonds and was 6,25 euros. Today is 5,25 euros.... Now with VAT it's always mor than 5 euros.

    If i have one paysafecard charge with 5 euros, i cant take 499 diamonds. It will be always more high.

    If i take 10 euros paysafecard, i suppose i lost 3,25 euros (or not) i dont know (for exemple if 499 diamonds = 6,25 euros)

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    You can make a paysafecard account and you can buy as many cards as you want and recharge little with little, your other money will be kept safely in your account, so nothing in lost.
    One recharge of 6.25 Euro's will leave the rest of 3.75 euro's in your account, making you able to buy 5 Euro card next time and recharge again.

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