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Hot Events Cunsumtion event

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  • Hot Events Cunsumtion event

    Why did they get rid of this in the middle of the Spring Carnival Event,

    why does it seem you always try to handicap us in the middle of an event..

    plus why is there a pirate Treasure two but no pirate Treasure one, and if there was I don't remember seeing one..

    BTW: if this seems to be under the wrong Category sorry, I didn't know where to post it.
    Last edited by Twizzy83; 02-18-2015, 01:34 AM.

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    Because there's a duration for every event. Most of the time, once a certain events ends will mean the start of something new.

    Happy Chinese New Year!


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      but the main event is still going, it isn't over until the 22nd. getting rid of the consumption event in hot events just makes it harder to get what you want in the Spring carnival shop. we only have like 10 players on our server, so it's even harder to get our Nirvana lvl up. every time they have one of these events it seems harder and harder to get what you want in the shop, partly due to more and more ppl leaving our server..


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        that consumption event was the most helpful to ALL players ,yet it was on 2 days and the main event a week ~ events should be thought of more carefully


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          Divine War is still available and has been finished weeks ago... At least you should try to remove the finished events from the game and don't keep them....