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  • Whyyyy

    So, I am ranked about 6-7th....I go to my garden...try to capture slaves, but they are either top 5 ranked OR are below my rank/strength but captured by higher ranked people.

    Can't you expand the list of people that can be captured or something. There is one dominant guild on the server and I am sure they capture and save their guild members so lowly lifeforms such as myself gets no garden slaves, and their guild can further control the game.

    What am I suppose to do about this?

  • #2
    all you can do is get stronger yourself mate but dont worry slaves hardly worth it


    • #3
      lol garden slaves isnt really the only point...guilds who control a whole server makes it not fun.


      • #4
        Lets see .. at a certain point that guild will fall .. in the early of each server all heavy guys go to 1 top guild .. reaching higher lvls getting more and more str will start the problems .. they will be 2many and gauntlets will be bad .. then after 1..2 weeks of hard thinking will realise that half of them must get onto another guild so everyone will have a nice gauntlet .. by that point the server will have maybe a max of 4 active guilds and 1..2 partial active .. its only a matter of time.


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          Decrease ur BR before refresh players