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Beach Treasure Refresh (not)

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  • Beach Treasure Refresh (not)

    [S234] Sunless Sea

    Beach Treasure comes up with shell board from previous event cycle, will not refresh - at least, not without spending 200 Diamonds a pop - but only open
    any leftover shells from existing pattern, and once these are done is locked.
    In previous cycles I had 2 free refreshes per play cycle (and I believe a fully completed board automatically refreshed but I wouldn't swear to that).
    I asked around my guild, and while several people were not encountering problems, at least one other indicated they had the same issue with refreshing.
    This problem began yesterday at event start, but I thought I'd give it a day and see if reset cleared it up - sadly, this was not the case.

    I have been pumping my draw cards in (will no longer, lol), but unless this resolves I fear they will be wasted...halp?
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    Not sure if I understood correctly the entire " bug ", but I will try and see.
    If it asks/says that you need to spend 200 diamonds, you most likely selected a prize that costs 200 diamonds, and each time you refresh, that prize will appear, with the condition to pay the amount of diamonds it requires.
    Also, a screen-shot would help more to understand the problem.

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      That's entirely possible - I will check. would be very nice if it's that simple, lol...I have seen times when something like that came up without any action on my part so very likely.
      If not the case I will get you SSs, thanks!
      EDIT - yes, that was it, found the little lit dot and killed it, all fine now, thanks! Will let other people with problem know.

      On another note, see that I won 30 diamonds from Lucky Tree that haven't made it into my tally - refreshed page and even restarted my browser, no help. (???)
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