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Spring Carnival Event Never Completed.

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  • Spring Carnival Event Never Completed.

    The Spring Carnival event was completely unresponsive for about the last 8 hours to the end of the event. During this time nobody could turn in rewards or generate new rewards by doing events that rewarded the Spring Rolls/Dumplings. I couldn't even do my chopsticks.

    A whole ton of us spent a lot of time and money on the event and are sitting with hundreds or thousands of rolls/dumplings as well as chopsticks to hopefully get more/level up the points area to get higher rewards.

    Can someone please help us? I know that a previous event of this kind was turned back on before for a day due to issues like this and am really hoping that this will be the case here.

    I was told that there was a big holiday for the people making and supporting the game but we've not heard anything about our server failure, it's been weeks now since the failure and people (including me) are beginning to panic wondering about if the server failure and hopeful fix are just going to be ignored and forgotten.

    Please help us!

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    Hi if you have already opened a ticket, please reply to it if not open a new support ticket regarding this.
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      Originally posted by EdgeLOA View Post
      Hi if you have already opened a ticket, please reply to it if not open a new support ticket regarding this.
      Already done but you know how this stuff report, you get a reply that yes they know about it and are working on it. Then it slips a couple weeks down the road and you hear nothing. Then it's a month and you get a message that there's nothing they can do (after a bunch of the people who were negatively involved calm down some). It's called the "Never going to fix" sliiiide under the rug" that sometimes happens as time just sliiides until you get some infuriating message that says "oops sorry, we can't fix it or oops sorry, <insert reason here why something that should be able to be fixed, can't>.

      Unfortunately some people forget or forget to care after a month or two of waiting for something serious to be done and some technical supports count on that. Not saying that is the case here but it happens too much.

      This isn't some small little CS Wyrm, Team Arena or even Twilight Clash, Gauntlet type larger event. This is a ten day special special event that people spent a ridiculous amount of time and money on doing only to find that at the end they couldn't finish the event. They HAVE fixed one of the ten day events that encountered some serious lag issues at the end that resulted in the same problem of not being able to finish like this...I can't remember which one but they turned it back on for one or two days so people could finish was like 4 or 5 ten day events ago...Halloween maybe? All they need to do is click a box that turns the event back on for a day and everyone will be happy.

      The only Compensation for this can be the event turned back on for some time so people can get their stuff out of it. I personally have $150(have like 900 dumplings, 400 rolls and a bunch of chopsticks) in it but I know of people who have THOUSANDS of dollars in it. Spend our chopsticks, turn in our rolls and dumplings and that's pretty much all we need to do but PLEASE don't just sweep this one under the rug.

      I'm here because the language of the support replies is starting to change so that people are getting concerned or a request for an update two weeks after the ticket was opened is just ignored. This is a HUGE problem and I and some others are starting to get the sense that this is going to receive the "serious bug never fixed" sliiiide that happens in some games.
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        I have been informed they are working on it. if you have opened a ticket and provided all the details, they will do the needful.
        If you haven't got a reply to your ticket post the ticket number here, i'll escalate it.
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          As our Support Elves haven't heard back from you in over two weeks we are going to assume your problem has either resolved itself, or you've found a solution on your own. As a result we will be changing the status of this ticket from Pending to Resolved. If this isn't the case, and you've simply been busy either in the real world or slaying hordes of demons in one of our games, don't worry there is a simple solution. You can re-open this case at any point during the next two weeks simply by replying to this e-mail, and our Support Elves will get back to work helping to solve your issue.

          I just received this. Is this the message stating that they're not going to fix the problem?

          Look, I hate to sound emotional on this but I spent a TON of time and money and was unable to get my rewards.(I'm far from the only one)

          The Carnival event did the same thing that a bunch of these 7 day events do. They lag like insane at the end of the event and you have a heck of a lot of trouble finishing it.

          Three or Four of these 7 days events ago, the same happened. It lagged so bad that you couldn't turn anything in. The difference was that a couple days later, someone turned the event back on for a day so we could get our things out of it. What this means is that I *KNOW* they can finish this event....please, we just need a little help.
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            Can you provide me the ticket number, i will escalate it.
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              Originally posted by EdgeLOA View Post
              Can you provide me the ticket number, i will escalate it.
              Thank you so so much, Edge. I noticed on the event today that they now offer an option to turn in dumplings(for a totally lesser and unrelated to the rewards in the event where you turn in dumplings and spring rolls for the stuff you were aiming for. I have parts of the event to do still too, not just turning in the dumplings and sweet rolls (like doing chopsticks), so its not as simple as just giving us a way to just drop what we have somewhere.) To be honest I think you'll find most people happy with 3 things.
              1. Turn in their dumplings and sweetrolls
              2. Do their chopsticks so they have ALL their dumplings and sweetrolls.
              3. Be able to click and receive menu rewards.


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                Keep getting attempts to close this ticket even though it hasn't been resolved.


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                  They're not saying they "can't" do it which is really "won't" do it because every event on this game is just a checkbox to start or stop it. R2 can fix this, should fix this but they won't fix this.