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Server 86 merge

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  • Server 86 merge

    hello I am from server 86 and...on behalf of everyone that's not part of the issue with server 86 I say.....Merge us already seriously we have like 7 real players left. our biggest issue is one person on nour server who joke 32 alts and is trying to control the server....I am begging for a merge its so terrible on the server getting farmed by the same person daily having no one to hit anywhere its getting old and im losing intrest and im not the only one.
    "You're the darkest burning star, You're my perfect disease"

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    lol why was I moved 3 times now XD
    "You're the darkest burning star, You're my perfect disease"


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      I agree 100% we have a big problem with one player on server S86 and all her alts and trying to take control of the server as well as the fact that she is trying to tell people what events they can and cant be in and we only have like 7 real players on the server that arent alts so plase do a merge for us so we can have a fighting chance again because as it stands the real players have spent over a year on this server and the problem player is a major casher so she is able to keep the rest of us for building our br and winning events which isnt fair at all to the rest of us who dont have the money to cash like that to win and event


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        Ummmmm , why you think the game is dying ? They did not plan out for super spending is why , their greed (developers) ruined this game period , it gets smaller and smaller everyday.
        Makes me sad , was a good time waster game for me i enjoyed it. If you revolve around a small percentage of the game (spenders), who in fairness have the right to spend as they please, the ones who can only afford ViP and free diamonds gets buried.
        We can't blame the spenders, it is their hard earned cash after all right ? So i don't blame them, i do blame the developers of this game though.
        Clearly they went for a cash grab instead of slow progression, look how fast they add stuff like hero's so people spend spend ... speeeeennd.
        Lastly , they add new servers constantly, really ? So now there is a mass who every time a new server opens jump to the new servers , emptying the old ones. Hell if your not in top 10 why not right ?
        These are the 2 major issues at the moment for this game. They will never address it because well , it's money right . Hope the game developers read this

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          you do realize that merging means that 1 casher everyone is complaining about will still be with you as well as all their alts and the possibility of having other cashers also join you in the merge. I can understand why some want a merge for doing events but to try and argue for a merge because someone is cashing and building up alts makes no sense cause all merging does is add more players on top of what you already need to compete for.