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Galaxy Ring

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  • Galaxy Ring

    Angel artefact's skill Galactic Force ignore angel resist of the heroes and ignore stun immune heroes when choosing targets. Are this matter intentional or is it bugs? If it is intentional then the more stun immune heroes you have - the less chance of winning you have. Is it normal? And this is the only stun effect in the game without any protection against. So combat just become random roulette, was it the intention of the developers?

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    can you provide me with screenshots of immune to resist heroes being stunned by the galaxy ring. Thank you
    to file a ticket


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      There is no such things and this is one of the problems. Because if you have 2 of them then your main and/or your Hercules is stunned instead and you lost your combat. So the more stun immune heros you have in party - the more chances your main and/or Hercules are stunned. so the this ring made stun immune is worst thing to have for your heroes. This is very strange situation.
      I never wrote that stun immune heroes are stunned so I can't understand where your question came from. Please reread my post.

      PS: if the ring chose the hero with stun immune by chance it should waste one of it 2 charges and only stun 1 target - if it was like this then it is ok, but current situation is stupid. You are buying cool heroes with stun immune and you are actually losing more then before you done this?
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