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Gold Cap on WB/Gaunt?

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  • Gold Cap on WB/Gaunt?


    Once upon a time, I read that your damage and gold intake would change/go up depending on your party format and the like. Since reading this, I've always switched my party around for maximum damage on bosses. Now that I'm grown up (level 84), I'm noticing I'm hitting a gold cap?

    When fighting world boss, no matter how my party is set up, or what artifact buffs go off first (heal/atk/etc), I cannot get more than 350k gold per hit. So I no longer bother changing party formation for WB.

    As far as gauntlet goes, I notice a difference depending on my party format. But I am now hitting a 250k gold per hit cap there as well.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is this because I do not have an IRB setup? It seems no matter what training or upgrades I have done - I cannot get these numbers to change.

    Thanks in advance!

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    yes there is a cap once you deal a certain amount of damage per hit.
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