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Give us the option to stop falling roses that cause SO MUCH LAG

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  • Give us the option to stop falling roses that cause SO MUCH LAG

    I know this has been requested many, many, many times before but PLEASE give us the option to stop the falling roses.. it causes so much lag that it's even effecting ta now.. i mean come on.. the lag is getting ridiculous now ..

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    maybe they hear you if posting that on gt forum
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      I have posted there also.. as usual they ignore legit requests smh


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        The developers are GTA and your on a GTA server which is not associated with R2 servers.
        to file a ticket


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          Or maybe an option to disable the hotkeys in game. Often during the day I try to type in chat, but forgot my cursor isn't there and am met with 5 pages trying to load on top of each other in game. Even worse if I've just refreshed and they take even longer to load. How irritating.