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Loading to a black screen

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  • Loading to a black screen

    I've been having the loading loading loading then black screen issue for the past three days, did get a generic response back from the problem tag I issued, but it had no solutions. I've tried re-installing adobe, clearing the cache, deleting saved files, tried the client, firefox, chrome, explorer, etc... nothing.... anyone???

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    My problem with the last updates was:UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER,PLEASE TRY AGAIN
    And this is the main reason when you never load the game Plech
    R2 Andrew replied:
    Dear player,,
    Sometimes connections issues arise and take a little time to settle, most notably after game updates or just after maintenance. We have some typical suggestions that help players find temporary or permanent solutions to collection issues. If you’ve tried some of these suggestions, just ignore them and see if any of the others help you in any way:
    -Clearing your cache/cookies resets your browsing data and ensures this simple explanation isn’t the cause.
    -If that doesn’t work, we suggest using a VPN and/or trying another browser. Different browsers and I.P.s provide possible solutions to hardware and location issues.
    -Flushing your DNS helps reset the domain cache and gives the lookup a fresh start.
    As we cannot guarantee the compatibility of players’ software, nor that your region will be free of connection issues, these are our best suggestions. If you have any suggestions you found, please let us know! If you are still experiencing issues, we will do our best to help you or direct you.
    -The R2Games Team