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  • Shouldn't happen....

    Our WB is messed up. We have the same person winning EVERY day, and dealing more damage than someone twice his strength. He hits 10mill + every hit. When everyone else is lucky to hit 1.9-2.2mill damage. Someone that can anhialate him in pvp or anything else, doesn't even hit half what he does. Can someone tell me how he wins every WB.....when we have a LOT stronger players ranking under him. Just seems off, I can understand if it were one or two he won.....but he ranks 1st EVERY time.
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    Players can spend diamonds on advance moral boost to increase damage.
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      My character is equivalent to his in gear/skills and such and even spending the 500 diamonds on 10 adv morale boosts I can't even hit that amount consistently maybe once every 10 hits or so with luck usually half that amount.
      -Jhango Immortals 102


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        Well i see his skill : Flaming Arrow (ignore deff) and Sands of time (reduce enemy deff) .... for this new WB it have very high deff , so that skill can make a lot of difference.


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          he's stronger than me in gear and i was hitting between 15 and 22mil using demonic war set up
          IGN : psychosis
          Level : 94
          Class : archer
          Battle Rating 14mil BR
          Server : 227 greyplains (UB40)
          Guild : wintergarden


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            My point was, that they BOTH use flaming arrow, and sands of time, yet ptak on jhango is higher. How is one hitting 10 mill, and the other only 2-4mill? The last few WB there were a few with even higher attack skills, and better def, but he still got double the damage.


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              you dont show dodge, that plays a factor, you dont show angel skill which plays a factor, you dont show lvl of skills (unless they are both completely equal) which plays a factor, you dont show heros and element of heros which plays a factor.

              The only thing you showed was that someone with 10k patk difference has 2 varying ranges of damage....but 1 character out of a 5 character team leaves a lot of open holes to solving problems.


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                apart from that, def reduce on sands of time does not work on the boss. Flaming arrow does work.