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Screen stop !!!!!

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  • Screen stop !!!!!

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    It became about three weeks.

    No every time BUT it frequently occurs.

    Occur about once to twice.

    OS : WIN7
    Browser : IE, Chrome, Opera, Swing, Firefox

    All browsers occur in the same

    I have two account(may94, may94reef)

    One account(may94) frequently it occurs, but the other account(may94reef) to little occur.

    What is the problem?

    I want a quick answer.

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    All it occurs in the same.


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      you are lucky it only happens about once or twice, I have this problem a lot it is becoming so great now that the game is becoming unplayable, I have tried just about everything possible, its not a browser issue as I too have tried them all, it is definatly a character issue, this only happens to me on one server.

      also I have borrowed someone else character to try theirs and it runs perfectly, also run 2 characters side by side and 1 runs perfectly but mine will not run without refreshing many times. as yet they have refused to admit there is a problem. it is very frustrating and pointless playing a game that will not run correctly.

      there is no quick answer, I have hade a ticket open for a while all they say is the usual things like clearing the cache ect, like I only learned how to use a computer yesterday.


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        No No... once OR twice

        once TO twice ==> 50%

        I did already.. cleared cache, deleted temp file, swept memory...etc
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