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Our Little Team Arena Issue

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  • Our Little Team Arena Issue

    Us in S257 Blackstone Path have been team arena disconnection problems, every two team arena, we would be stuck in the match and be forced to refresh. At first I thought it was my internet, so I tried again; and saw that almost everyone was having the same problem. Pretty much all of us have been having this issue so I'd say this is server sided.

    Didn't know where else to put this thread so I put this here instead.

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    Can you describe 'stuck' in the match? Does it not load or does it not end when one side is wiped out? Possible screenshot would help greatly. Thank you.

    Happy Chinese New Year!


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      It doesn't end even though the enemies are wiped out, it mostly happens when we win, and it's getting pretty annoying since we have to refresh almost every single game.