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    Im ZoraN of S214 Great Crossroads. Why my Thunder Strike Skill LOCKED? My Awakening Level 5, 5 Star and i have 300 Mystic Divine Stones. Can someone please help me, thanks
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    I have the same problem :/ [S15]
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      So, a lot of people are confused about how this works because (1) it's really stupid and (2) not well explained in game.

      Here's how mythic and celestial books work:

      In order to buy them in the shop, you need to have already unlocked the skill. For example, if you want to buy Thunderstrike, you must already have activated it. This requires acquiring 50 Thunderstrike books from other sources (awakening chests, tycoon point rewards, craft master, etc.). Once you get 50, you can go the awakening page and light up the skill there, making it active. Once it's active then it's books will be available for purchase in the awakening book shop. The steps are: first 50 books not from shop, activate skill on skills page, then books from shop open for purchase.

      It sucks that you have to get 50 from other, non-shop sources first, but that's the way it is.


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        im not big spender, i guess i cant get that skill, thanks for your info


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          You have to unlock the skill first to be able to buy the respective books from shop.
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            Yeah have to get first 50 from $$$ first. Probably 2k tree pts x2 is the cheapest option at around 100k dia (including dia won/reinvested). The free option sucks, roll once a day and hope to get 50 that way, maybe 2-3 years.
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              Tree is probably the best option if you want the quickest way to unlock it. Free option does take a long time I only received 3 thunderstrike books from free draws since it started.
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