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Visual Bug or glitch or something?

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  • Visual Bug or glitch or something?

    When i was in TA and procced on battle, i saw my team on right side, but as i saw when battle continue heroes on left side act like my team heroes and right side no our heroes.
    also you can see that when sherrin from right side when she attack, effects from she are like myisolde and not from sherrin.
    Can you fix it that please. is not so problem to make our game difficult but i think you mut correct this

    ok now i see that when i put this link on browser just is correct with my team in right side but when i run this link from the game happen this that i described before
    anyone else hoticed that on TA and have same expirience?

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    Its a visual bug. Some players that have experienced this had teammates say they were unaffected.
    to file a ticket