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Still can't enter Elemental Zone & other issues S254 Golden Borough char name Wilbur

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  • Still can't enter Elemental Zone & other issues S254 Golden Borough char name Wilbur

    Have posted before to no avail if you guys need more information wish you would right a reply instead of just viewing it. Don't know if it is my account that is flawed or the server/game portal I am using. Would be nice if didn't have to reload constantly if its less than 40 times a day would be really surprised. I have tried unbundlling from yahoo games to no success. When tried playing was at start position instead of at my current level. When put in a ticket wanted information of some type did not specify what information they needed so gave up. It has bee a total of 14 days that haven't been able to enter Elemental Zone so have lost the ability of gaining 14 Elemental Essence which I would have gathered by now. Not counting other items would have collected. Additionally the team arena is not all the way fixed the load screen still freezes.The dragon soul issue sometimes takes several reloads to load properly just added to see if it would help any. Same thing with Team Dungeon usually happens only at first battle then is ok after that. Just added the cross server battle screen to show that can move before battle starts I like it but if it helps to point out problems then good. For the angel artifact had to buy another item then had to inherit to new item. Now have item can neither use or use in upgrading different item. I can accept all other issues but Elemental Zone have had to spend diamonds in order to reach the 700 devotion level when needed because cant enter it. I have also lost 27 blazing arrow skill books(or 270 epic divining stones) due to not being able to buy multiples of it. the rest seems to be fine for now but will not multiples of that item again. I seem to be the only one that has the issue with Elemental Zone. have also added screen shots to show how dead this server is you can look up when server was added. At most that shows up for world boss is 15 people average is around 11.
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    I see your using chrome. Make sure you have updated chrome to its newest version. You can also try clearing your cache and cookies.

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      If it was that simple wouldn't have posted


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        Clear cache and cookies, but better switch to other borwser, it will eat way less recource.
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