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s91 br loop

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  • s91 br loop

    Well, just as the thread is saying, on our server dunno what happened but all out of the blue the br drops (different ammounts) after 10 minutes - 2 hours it comes back, For example on my char started yesterday i opened guild menu and my br dropped 747, after 10 minutes i opened it again and i got my br back. Today it started in the morning all out of the blue my br dropped again with 747 and after 1 hour it came back, in the evening same thing but this time was 4k+ br and didn`t recover not till now. I asked server players and most of them have the same problem but different ammounts of br. I asked in ally and other servers had the same problem. Plese fix it!!!

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    i hawe same problem but i lose 10-20+k br S91 fireblade ridge djpux


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      The BR is getting higher by day. Today it started decreasing by 11k +
      By the way, ingame name is eXecuTioNaL
      Last edited by execut1onal; 10-23-2015, 07:37 AM.


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        Is this issue still occurring?
        to file a ticket


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          For now it seems to have stopped, but i`ll be back with an update if it happens again (don`t know about other server players)


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            As i promised, i`m back with an update.....YES it`s still happening 9.5k br now


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              So, it`s been almost 1 month since i posted this bug and it is still happening
              WHEN ARE YOU GONNA FIX IT? it is really annoying!!!