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Unable to collect Tycoon Period 150k reward on 8th

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  • Unable to collect Tycoon Period 150k reward on 8th

    When checking Tycoon Period rewards today (9th), it shows the 150k rewards ends on 8th.
    I did reach 150k yesterday, and I'm pretty sure that at this moment I was unable to collect the 150k period reward because then it showed as ending on 7th (became 8th at reset).
    However I asked my server if they had the same issue, and the only 2 replies I got was that they did collect the 150k period reward yesterday.

    I don't see how the hot events could be different for players on the same server, so the sound conclusion would be that I missed the event flashing, but then again I highly doubt it. I don't know if cache issues may cause this. Like I said a few days ago though, my server S227 GMT had some hot events missing compared to S258 HKT, so maybe it's another quirk from that.

    Either way is it possible for me to get the 150k period reward through compensation? Should I make a ticket? Thank you.
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    Yes, it would be best if you submit a ticket. You might be asked to provide screenshots for proof.

    Happy Chinese New Year!


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      Sent ticket 2 days ago and got compensation in mail this morning.