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List of Mega Issues in this version

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  • List of Mega Issues in this version

    Here there is a list of issues reported of this version of the game

    • [Bug]: "Lvl.1 Mount EXP Seed M" tooltip comes out the edges of the tooltip - Garden - New issue
    • inherit equipment bug - report
    • Demonic war - Report
    • Monthly Card Broken - Report
    • [Bug]: Overlapping text when i kill the boss of the "Altar of Storms" - New issue
    • Server Stuck in Domination (S4) - Report
    • [Bug]: Icon missing "Angel Evolve" banner "New feature" - Report
    • Only One Hot Event bugged (S39) - Report
    • NO REWARDS, Consume, Regain, Diamonds - X server TYCOON - Report
    • [Bug]: Texts comes out the edges of the our tooltip - Title of the character - Report
    • [Bug]: Choose a mode - Drill - Report
    • [bug]: Tidal Pools overlapping two boxes of two description - Tidal Pools - Report
    • [Bug]: "Mount Upgrade Unlocked" notice overlapping - Report
    • Normal abd evil Candy reward in Gemology? - Report
    • Hot Event doesnt SHOW up at all - Report
    • [Bug]: Overlapping box of the instructiones about of "Riders" feature - New issue
    • [Bug]: Some text is under the image - Promo feature arena - Report
    • [Bug]: Empty Options on the "System Settings" - New issue
    • Alliance chat dont work - Report

    LIST ISSUES V. 3.0472
    • [Bug]: Truncate text requirements "Only the strongest - Hot Events - NEW ISSUE
    • [Bug]: Unlock the quality of the Angels - NEW ISSUE
    • [Bug]: Overlapping text Battle Rating - Party - (NEW ISSUE)
    • [Bug]: Overlapping "Requirements" text with condition of the "Gem maniac" event - hot Events - (NEW ISSUE)
    • [Wrong text]: "Angel's Quiz" - (NEW ISSUE)

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    Spending Bonus + doesnt work on Sylvia's Copse, Jero3x


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      WOW that Bug Solved really looks sad because it is so alone.^^