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Monthly card event bugged

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  • Monthly card event bugged

    on Nov. 1 , 2015
    i recharged $10 to activate the monthly card event.
    nothing happened. i got a yellow message as follows ..... 34567

    i tried re freshing and still got the yellow smile face with numbers.
    made a ticket then loa issued a compensation of 1000 for the dates of nov. 1 to nov. 11
    that compensation doesnt event cover those 11 days.

    i made yet another ticket saying full diamond amount was off and my monthly card event still doesnt work
    i get a reply saying devs with not give out any more diamonds and that i will have to spend another $10 to activate the monthly card event.

    all this bull **** blows my mind. loa has a broke *** game, is taking peoples money, but still will not fully compensate??
    how does this work??

    has anyone else had issues with monthly card event?
    and what responses did you get?