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READ ASAP please , Updates Problem

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  • READ ASAP please , Updates Problem

    It is unknown of who updates our server S2- Sylvia's Copse (EST Timezone).
    ** If you did any first updates at early time after reset on 27 November itself, spending diamonds does not work and other functions. But.. what deduce is...
    Before this timing 08:50:50 server time dated 27 November everything was fine. the 2nd / number what so ever update..

    Now everything doesn't count and makes things back to worsen mode.

    RE-FIX IT BACK NOWWWWW! Spent gone to drain again ...

    Last update: 11:35 server time: Additional -Team Arena not working.
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    TA has been reported. Can you provide screenshots for the diamonds problem.
    to file a ticket


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      Other servers are experiencing the same issue with collecting bonus rewards from spending. I have reported it.
      to file a ticket


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Diamonds.png
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Size:	892.9 KB
ID:	1719634

        From monthly card, added 300 diamonds yesterday and today 100 diamonds. Spent on Loop today 100 diamonds and 10 diamonds for child blessing , empty =/


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          It was reported. Devs taking their time apparently. I will forward your concerns.
          to file a ticket


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            Thanks, Ruby as of 00:23 server time (30 November 2015) fixed for consuming diamonds counts.


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              Glad to hear it.:
              to file a ticket