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Connection issue

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  • Connection issue

    Hello. I'm repporting this following issue : Unable to reach the main frame page of the LoA

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #97.671c0ac3.1450297294.1f7b12a

    Thanks for you attention

    Gwadafan - S95/ua46

  • #2
    they are down again... happened a couple of months before and they took more then 1 day to fix it...


    • #3
      the same problem: An error occurred while processing your request.
      Reference #97.558f1402.1450297538.3b2a135
      s273 Sunless Mars


      • #4
        i have the same problem... An error occurred while processing your request.
        Scopy s89


        • #5
          same problem on S277


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_1.jpg
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Size:	15.2 KB
ID:	1722256

            same here s88


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              same, it was comming back than droped again after few minutes
              S 118 - Evil's Bane - IGN solowingpixy
              now S-UA56 without our will->UB38 now
              Guild - Lunatic Cafe
              UC 27 current server

              You are really alive when you have someone to die for


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                I giveup on LOA for 2day .. maybe by 2moro they fixit .. i dont know if they test or try but HELLO drop ingame announcement next time please ..


                • #9
                  Same for s44 (merged server)
                  Hu Mei

                  A Hard refresh (ctrl+f5) allows me to play a couple of minutes, then the connection to the server is lost again.

                  Question : do we have to report this in the "log failed" pinned topic or not ?
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                    Same problem on S168
                    Server S168 Felbrook

                    IGN: Granger


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                      I've tested servers 168, 95, and 273 and seemed to login fine.

                      Can you guys try clearing your cookies and cache and refresh your browser. If the problem persist try this:

                      Happy Chinese New Year!