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Little Helper - Bonding Quest ...nothing happening

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  • Little Helper - Bonding Quest ...nothing happening

    First, i wish ... Happy Holidays to Everyone Everywhere!!!

    Second...i hope i am threadng well....

    At the Little Helper, the Bonding Quest doesent start. At all!
    Yesterday was the same. I clik the option and ...nothing happens. Clear log. Not even a simply message.
    All of the other option were made and done.
    Thank you!
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    I can offer you a walk around, check something else alongside the bugged bonding quests (for example Raids) and start. It usually says that Raids (or whatever) is done, and actually starts doing bonding quests.
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      Everything is done. And if i chek other tasks with bonding quest, the little helper is stopping at the bonding quest and not doing anything else. Blocking all. So i sellected all and left out the B q for the little helper work. Also, ty for your concern.
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        Have you finished all the quest available for the day for bonding?

        Happy Chinese New Year!


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          stop everything, select loop quests (regardless if completed), select bonding quests, click start (works for me)