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Urgent!! House of Cards Date Bug!! Please look ASAP

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  • Urgent!! House of Cards Date Bug!! Please look ASAP

    I did 20k in HOC today and in
    Hot Events->Swap for flashy cards

    It shows incorrect dates from Dec 3-6 instead of Jan 9-12
    Because of this I might be one short of a flashy card

    Please look before I get screwed. Thanks.

    Server: City of Gallows, S213

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    Also I want to know if this doesn't get fixed, will I get my used cards (390 normal cards) or not?
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      I am desperately waiting for reply. I am worried that if its not solved till reset, my cards will go to waste.
      I need flashy swap today with 20k.

      Please give me some kind of assurance or actions I can take, I had raised a ticket too but no reply yet...


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        I will report it. thank you
        to file a ticket


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          Thanks Rubedo you're the only one that replied. No response in gtarcade forum and ticket yet.
          I believe this is a gtarcade issue affecting all platforms.

          What do you suggest? Should I proceed to do 20k HOC today, or wait ?

          But if it doesn't get fixed within the event period, I wont be able to get the hero. I need flashy exchange from hot events.



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            Gtarcade seems to have fixed this today, finally.

            Thanks Rubedo and team (though I'm wondering do they ever reply to tickets?)


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              Glad to hear it.
              to file a ticket