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Problem with Character Damage

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  • Problem with Character Damage

    I've posted 4 tickets, but don't think anyone is taking me seriously lol.
    when my character uses skills the dmg is really low 7k always hits, with thunderstrike and sands of time... and this is against opponents who are much weaker than I am.

    it just doesn't make any sense and no one seems to be offering any reasons. I used to one hit knock out these noobs now its 7k dmg. only reason they die is because the atkers in my party are killing them.... but against similar strength I'm losing and also my dmg in world boss and in demonic war is much lower. if no one wants to take it seriously I'm done with this game lol...
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    It's been like this forever. And no they will not fix it.


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      >.> I guess become support and make an OP attacker to take my place or quit this bugged ** game -__________________-


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        Can you provide a battle link so we can watch.
        to file a ticket


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          oh! I think I have same problem too but how do u show a battle link?


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            Originally posted by xoISAxo View Post
            oh! I think I have same problem too but how do u show a battle link?
            After a battle click on share(replay if you have log on), then ctrl+v here

            Happy Chinese New Year!