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Lost battle Rating BR over 80 thousand lost !!!!!

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  • Lost battle Rating BR over 80 thousand lost !!!!!

    hey guys ...Yesterday I brought my BR of 5.76 to 5.80 million BR ... today I log me and had at one time only 5.72 million BR !!!!! What's going on there ????? which can not be having a Br be deducted although one was not online or not altered the Br !!! Please urgent help and fix !!!! My Main Char lost Br it was over 1,5 million an now 1,47 million Br and my hero fallen angel had 795 thousand and now 788 thousand BR -.- Thats fail !!!

    My Server is S223 Tolono Springs ..

    Char name is : Samara

    PS === I counted with my friend on ... 3.34 million BR and after today's login there are only 3.30 million !! must have what emulate login with !!!

    PPS == Carve isnpiration is bugging..all are stones out of the amuletten and completely reset ie 13 ner stones are all back 10 and 9s become
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    I have lost BR over 64thousand. I had 4,903million br and now i have 4,839million br!!!
    Please help us !

    I´m on S223 Tolono Springs,too.

    Charactername: celtica
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      i have lost BR after login guild 2,7 million and i logged in my BR is 2,67 !!!!! What the hell ?! please fix it !

      Im on S223 tolono springs too and my character name is : Angelo


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        Guys i think i know why you lost BR. Carve insripture is bugged and all combination attributes are gone.


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          yeah thank you for information ^^


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            Yeah lost over 100 k myself. If you look in your mailbox you'll find they went through our ruins with our amulets and it looks like they either f'ed it up, or took away ruins. I lost some good ruins I'd won in events and made.


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              Also, what about the resources and gold spent getting ruins and merging them?