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bug Cross server, cross wyrm and divine war, prvate chat between new merges servers

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  • bug Cross server, cross wyrm and divine war, prvate chat between new merges servers

    When you will fix all? Cross server, cross wyrm, didive war all for me are bug. if i try to open one of these i see only one emtpy page. all these are buged after merge. you asked us if we would these merges? Fix them, we cant play ,and all others with out these are boring, before we will stop from this game
    also if i will talk to one played that also his server merge on this "fail merges" my private chat dont open on his server. so he cant see taht i talked him. but if i told him that i send him messagefrom asgard and see he cant see what i wrote him because all there are reset also. Fix them all these and old bugs. My eostre dont attack in fights is useless angel same with others. what else why must said to fix all these bugs?

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    They just dont care, its weekend and most likely nothing will happen .. maybe by Monday or later you going to get the 10 tears / 50 bless / 50 sera and 200 souls with msg Dear heroes we had some error but we rock and solved them so the problem was fixed, thank you for your kindly understanding and cooperation ...


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      all these in new server ub 19. 5th day and still cant join on no one event of these. When will fix them ?


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        How about fixing us on s234 which you broke to all hell with your failed merger attempt???


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          This had already been reported. Please allow some time for it to be fixed.

          Happy Chinese New Year!


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            and I should add, alliance chat doesn't work too


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              R u guys even planning to fix this cause it been along time now and it really starts to annoy most ppl


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                guys say you want to donate but doesn't work,they will answer right away


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                  When u guys going to fix, it's been 10 days since 15/3 merge, all cross server stuff is bug / broken.

                  IGN: MiMi
                  Server: S12 Loralei's Bloom/ ua2 / ub16