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Craft master Energy cards

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  • Craft master Energy cards

    server: ua56 (s118)
    character name: Aiune
    Problem: Craft master energy cards

    Craft master energy cards CANNOT be used after the update today. When you click them, nothing happens, click again and you get
    operation too fast error.

    USE ALL doesnt work either, gives operation too fast error
    USE BULK option doesnt work either, gives operation too fast error

    I have deleted cookies, cleared cache and tested 3 different browsers

  • #2
    some problem here ua16 s49


    • #3
      Same issue on s28


      • #4
        Same on S39


        • #5
          same issue in S298....


          • #6
            some problems on nocturna tears,and this is a problem beacouse y cant reach points and its last day,its impossible to play like this,always bugs ..,.......


            • #7
              i will report it
              to file a ticket


              • #8
                It was reported and probably fixed.
                Cards can't be used anymore seeing the event is finished.

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