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  • God's trail ELITE SQUAD BUG

    I cannot use skills in ELITE SQUAD (3 men) tactics. Other players could use it before, I couldnt, 2 days ago I was able to use them in 3-4 and 3-5, but was too lazy to go through all the levels, since then I am again stuck on 4-5 because I cannot use skills there.

    Tactics is : Elite squad
    Problems is: I can use only 3 men + no skills as in skill seal.

    Anyone from the crew can report it to devs?

    As r2Fred says it is not a bug, because it is skill seal. Good to know support doesnt read tickets, just answer them without reading.

    To sum up - 4-5 is Elite squad, not a skill seal and I cannot use skills in this tactics, where I should be able to use them.
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    Your link doesn't work, so here you go, fixed it

    Just curious, do you always leave Nere as backup in Elites even thou she could be deployed?
    S210 Fiery Citadel
    Nick Peyp


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      It says 3 in elite squad yes. After all basic attack of my wolf is higher than attack of nereida
      MoD is there just in case bug was removed


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        Figured if it weren't for the bug you'd have Nere deployed as well, not as a backup.
        It's actually main + 3 heroes and if you have backup it's included in those 3 heroes. You can basically have no backup and have 3 heroes deployed + main.

        Anyhow, if you're in a rush to pass that part before they fix the bug you can try that Khaos Panda card thing on your main in the meantime. Who knows when it's going to get fixed.
        S210 Fiery Citadel
        Nick Peyp