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Down again - you couldn't wait til the 11th?

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  • Down again - you couldn't wait til the 11th?

    Beleaguered server S234 Sunless Sea is off the air once more - two days before yet another merger attempt.

    Things have grown progressively wonkier during the day and now no connection at all - and apparently we aren't alone this time. (see other threads here)

    Were you doing some pre-merge coding? If so, please STOP immediately, put things back as they were, and drop merger plans.
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    S234 loaded fine for me. Are you still having this issue?


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      I tried a few minutes ago, no dice - will try again and let you know - thanks.

      UPDATE : nope, still "server not found"...what browser are you in? I am striking out on R2 Client and FireFox.
      R2 Client was generally wonky a while ago, on both LoA and SoG, at the time LoA would run but not SoG, then neither. Now SoG will fly but LoA dead in the water.
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        Strange. The LoA team has also checked it, and they also are able to get in. I use a firefox browser, but not firefox. It's been tested using chrome and firefox as well.

        Can you try a different server in the same time zone, and a server in a different time zone, and let me know the results of that test, please?


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          uh...OK, will see what I can do.

          UPDATE : all right... on R2 client, all servers are whitescreen, no refresh option works - trying server option on the FF login page....nope, all show "server not found".
          Seas of Gold is running normally, and I ran a comp check and cleared cache, so I don't think it's on my end...
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            Being able to log into other games doesn't rule anything out, as the connection path is different for each of them. When you are having an issue of all servers being down, when none of them actually are down, it is likely an issue on your end. What I was trying to figure out is if it's an issue on your side, or if it was your ISP's side. If it was your ISP, only one time zone would fail to load.

            Please close your browser and the client. Turn off your router/modem. Count to 30. Turn your router/modem on. Attempt to access your server. Please let me know the result.


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              actually, I did it the hard way, restored to when my comp was rebuilt and did everything over again, lol - so far everything's working, thanks.
              LoA WAS wonky all morning, though - and not just for me - bad imaging, missing text, and TA fail, for what it's worth.

              Appreciate all your help, and patience.


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                That certainly was the hard way But, I'm glad you were able to get back in. Let's hope something doesn't update and lock you out in the future.

                I'll make sure the wonky issue you had this morning is reported.