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    so when we'll can log in CS? i still wait and wait day after day lossing my time. You didnt work on that problem you work on LoA2 starting to pissoff and for sure you'll lose me if this problem not fix soon. It have other game that work a lot bether that that.before 1 week and half i open ticket for that and you ansuare me to wait. Why you put this reward in Events some that can maked CS to collect and some of us that cant to go to waste times in ****.

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    totally agree with you, hard to get in cs, wait period can be way too long and when you go from your pc for minute to get water or food or going to toliet timer runs out and ned to wait again, it will be nice to get sound notification when joining window for cs opened so we can do other things till waiting, if they can do sound for amulets they surely can do in cs as well
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      Yea, they should make all platform servers in 1 pot, so all counts. Yes there would be many high lvl vs low lvl battels, but at this point having battle is good enough.
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