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Cross Server Clash of Might Problem

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  • Cross Server Clash of Might Problem

    Sazvia S253

    Hi having some issues, well actually a lot of issues with the game for quite some time, now CS Clash not working have a group of people all of whom I can beat but no advanncement and the chars do not change from day to day. There are also other issues I am having like my BR dropping for no apparent reason anywhere from 10k to 30K, This has happened at least 4 times in the past month as I have been keeping a log for the month of May of everything I am doing that causes a rise or decrease in BR. So keep noticing my BR drop as I have said and yet haven't switched anyone around or unequipped gems or equipment and btw the BR doesn't come back, I gain BR but it is only if I do something that is new ie: level a piece of equipment put in a new gem in other words if I do what normally increases my BR then it increases but the lost BR never ever ever comes back. I am asking that someone from R2 look into my account and please let me know what can be done about these issues, if they can be fixed great, I will continue to play, if it is hopeless then at least let me know so I can quit and stop wasting my time. I am in the game everyday and do all the dailies etc. and whatever I can to keep current. The only thing I do not do on a regular basis is CS and again because of the issues trying to get in and the lag issues. Please if someone could reply that can offer some useful advice help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    You should send a ticket to support about that so they can help you.
    I'm not a R2 employee, I'm a player just like you, who enjoys helping others, hopefully just like you, and has taken upon the role of moderating the forums.

    For tickets go to


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      spawn s253

      26-5-16 and no reply to my guild members issue this is a joke. Does any one actually read the tickets ? its now nearly a month and nothing nada zilch zip ! can some one sort these issues out so sazvia and other guild members can actually advance and collect the rewards from the event. this has gone on long enough


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        what is your ticket number i will forward.
        to file a ticket


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          she filed a ticket and was not given a number ? this is really frustrating the way these issues are dealt with ( or more to the case not dealt with )