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Compesation Craft Master AND Loop Quest

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  • Compesation Craft Master AND Loop Quest

    where is compesation for Craft Master?we didnt get nothing in Hot Events yesterday or today.And why we dont have Loop Quest ? and where my diamonds prize from Elemental Wander? i didnt get any diamonds from here .server uc8
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    we have same problem on uc8. Never got any craftmaster compensation and now we are on second day without loop quests. Loop quests are the most basic thing in LOA, how can they get broken? Please fix ASAP.


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      Those who collected craft master rewards on day 1 when it was bugged would not be able to collect rewards when it ended. If you believe you did not collect rewards on day 1 you may file a ticket so r2 can review your account history. Thank you.
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