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capsule toys comp

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  • capsule toys comp

    i wrote a ticket about the capsule toy event a couple events ago on how i spent 200 capsule coins and 6 bronze certificates to buy TWO (2) EPIC beginners sword (PURPLE)artifacts I only recivied 1 PURPLE SWORD and you send me a Blue as Compensation that is in no way fair THATS NOT WHAT I WANT I SENT PICTURES OF MY SCREEN with 2 epic (PURPLE) swords artifacts I dont want a blue i want what i spent the capsule coins and bronze tickets to get if not you need to give me 100 capsule coins and 3 bronze tickets NOt 1 BLUE beginners sword. I SPENT COINS AND TICKETS that i got from a recharge you need to replace what i did not recieve! i WILL NOT except a Blue when i paid for TWO (2) purple sword artifacts and only got 1
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    you will need to file a ticket. support link is below my post.
    to file a ticket


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      oh i did this is rediculous i dont know why they thought that would fly


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        be persistent and continue to ticket and have them reply back.
        to file a ticket