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Trouble in my alliance!

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  • Trouble in my alliance!

    To explane problem
    My alliance two weeks ago went through merge with another alliance.
    Our leader and some other members they went to another alliance,
    but me and some other members stayed in our previous alliance and didn't follow them.
    Problem we have in our alliance now is that we don't have any deputy and we have some kind of phantom leader.
    That phantom leader is not active when he needs to decide about Demonic War, Alliance Expedition and other events,
    he only enters on seconds and then leave right away.
    I calling hem phantom because he is at lvl zero and is using nick null.
    This account is under control of our former leader, because he is using that account to return himself in our alliance in time of Tycoon,
    so he can much easily earn a lot of gold in our alliance during Demonic War then in more competitive alliance where he went after merge.
    After Demonic War he uses phantom to kick himself.
    This is screenshot of phantom:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.jpg
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ID:	1786858

    I don't know if I have the right to appeal and whether the conduct of this players is regular,
    but if I'm right i will send through PM name of alliance name and player involved.
    Can you inform me if I'm right about this situation?

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    Unless you have a 100% proof that both accounts are under control of same person and used to gain advantage, it will be hard to take action.
    But you can consult with support about it