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502 Bad Gateway on all LoA servers

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  • 502 Bad Gateway on all LoA servers


    When trying to load the server, this is what happens. Cleared browser cache and cookies, reloaded page, refreshed WiFi connection, tested in a different browser.

    Server: 63-159-217-85
    Date: 2017/06/16 15:19:43"
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    Just tested it, loads fine. Have you tried different browser, flushing DNS, rebooting router/modem or clearing cache and cookies?


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      yeah. last flash updates killed the game, on me firefox works better than client, client become slow, lagy and freeze all the time, tried to switch on IE mode but than i wont even able to run, grey screen abd asked for latest version of flash,so need to change settings back to google mode close client and re-opening to be able to play on it, seems devs updates dont follow flash ones or vice versa, whatever, point is that it dont work as was before
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        Issue with game client in IE mode usually can be solved by updating Internet Explorer. As for Chrome mode for me it always worked bad if you tried to open more than one game.