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Shiel artefact bugg

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  • Shiel artefact bugg
    How the hell was that possible Shield on Genessis in back row instead of GQ on Buffy

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    Good morning . From what it can be seen in the link you posted, this might have happened: GQ got dmg from Wolf’s attack while Genesis got immunity from artifact so no dmg taken on her. When GQ attacked after, she died but Genesis survived because of the artifact immunity. If possible, next time, please send the battle link so that we can check all buffs and debuffs on each hero. Please let me know if this was of any help with your issue.
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      how that happen Gennessis take Shield artefact protect instead GQ


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        If you are talking about immortality buff from shield of discord, it is given to the hero with lowest HP in party, on 1st turn since everyone has max HP it is given to 1st hero, which is decided by agility or turn order.