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lost 50 diamonds

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  • lost 50 diamonds

    i was just sitting here doing dailies and realized im missing 50 diamonds. i had 1000 and now its at 950. i did my normal 2 freebies in capsule and did the two freebies in navigation king. i didnt do any extras but yet im missing exactly 50. my first screencap shows that i had 1001 diamonds but i used my daily one diamond to buy a one diamond light from the store for my daily collection of spending any diamond

    server: ud6
    screen name: satansecreta

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    also i checked with my guild friends and they are also 7/20 in navigation king, same as me with free goes. so, where did my 50 diamonds go?


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      Issue has been reported but I would also suggest you to submit a ticket to Support, following this link: . Provide your data (IGN, server name and number), give a detailed description of the issue and add the taken screenshots. Thank you.
      EDIT: Screenshots you add, need to be uncropped (unedited) and with a time-stamp, too.
      REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your IGN, server name & number and screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID. Screenshots provided must be uncropped and timestamped.