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compensation fail

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  • compensation fail


    for our server we could collect just 1 reward from compensation. maybe bz of merge.
    while others servers on r2 could collect 3 rewards pls fix

    Kyouka Zeal uc27

  • #2
    they put levels to compensation... i lost my rank 6 in tycoon ... now i am 11 coz all alts are in top now coz they are lvl 90 !! Impacty S238 Sleepywood Moor.


    • #3
      hiii.. i also only can get 1 compensation, other server like uc18 can have it all, also rank in tyc 23 drop to 39.... free falll..

      micky uc27

      cant upload pic coz to file size.. please fix this.. not fair..


      • #4
        looks they fix compensation while i was in sleep, after reset the compensation already gone, some player from uc27 can collecting compensation before reset


        • #5
          they don't give a … please donate some dollars so they fix it hahahahaha
          Last edited by MemoryLane; 11-12-2018, 02:32 AM. Reason: language


          • #6
            The issue with compensation on uc27 has been forwarded.

            edit: I've been told compensation on uc27 can still be claimed now. Please let us know if there's any further issues.
            Last edited by MemoryLane; 11-12-2018, 02:45 AM.
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